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I still hurt all the time and I am sick of it. I keep thinking if I ignore it it will go away but no such luck. I use this picture of a barge in Astoria, Oregon because I would love to be able to take all my weight and just float around painfree. At work I’m always moving then I don’t seem to mind as much. I love resting after working or in the evening to read or watch a bit of TV but this is when the most pain comes on. I sure can’t keep moving continuously to lessen the pain. I went on a 6 mile hike the other day and actually did better this time than when the RA was just starting out in my hands and feet. The pain is spread over my entire body now so I don’t just feel like ripping my feet off after a trek like this. I guess I will have to stick with “easy” hikes from now on until I can’t even do that anymore.

What worries me is the bump on the back of my head-a rheumatoid nodule I suspect and sources say it is rare that they occur there. It’s been there about 2 years never changing. But I have always had a lot of head trouble some it really scares me. When I was born, my head bled inside for about 2 weeks. I started having complicated migraines in my early 20s. They suck. They have the same symptoms as a mini stroke-parylisis on on side, trouble whith vision and speech. That lasts hours or even all day long then a terrible headache comes on where even narcotic pain killers do not help. I don’t know what to think about this dumb bump. I keep mentioning it to the doctors but so far nothing has been done about it, not even a look. I will insist on it at my next appointment.

Ah, I keep on looking at the cane selection in Walmart but so far have been too vain to buy one even just for home use. I will continue to use my walking stick, a tree branch somewhat the shape of a cane but slightly shorter than needed. It fits in with my home decor of the great outdoors so no one would suspect I use it to get around the house. Yeah, I am a stubborn fool:)

I’ve been hearing a lot about vitamin D. I must not be defficient in it or the doctor would have told me I guess. But I believe I am going to take a supplement anyway or just get that 15 minutes of sun per day. 

Also, I am focusing on yoga meditations to calm myself down at the end of each day. I am a type A personality and an introvert so it works wonders for me when I do it. Perhaps I brought this RA on myself by being a type A, not that I had much choice in the matter.